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Silver Siberian Kittens and Cats

Here at Traditional Silver Siberian kittens and cats, we sometimes have Siberian cats and Siberian kittens requiring homes. These can be a variety of colours, please check the kittens page for details

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We are now taking people on our lists for next year (2016). It is easy to think that you can decide to want a Siberian Kitten and be able to get one almost at once.... The truth is most Reputable Siberian Breeders have waiting lists, if people do not wait often they end up with a cross breed or worse a cat off the street that happens to look something like a Siberian. There are many 'back street' breeders who will sell you anything. some saying that they are full pedigree cats but kittens will not be registered. If a kitten is not registered it is not a Siberian. Remember a cross Siberian is still a moggy and almost certainly will not be hypoallergenic. See Our Kittens pages for details.

This breed needs company!

Despite cats being known as solitary animals, Siberians are quite different and form close bonds with other cats in the household.
Siberians are playful animals, getting along well with children, and becoming closely attached to their owners, often running to greet them with a soft chirrup when they return home. they also tend to follow them from room to room, demanding to be fussed.

Unlike most other breeds of cats the Siberian males are as affectionate as the females. The Siberian is basically the dog of the cat world... So if you want a cat that wants constant attention that will give you the same attention and affection in return the Siberian is the cat for you.

If you want a cat that disappears for most of the day and comes for a cuddle now and then like a normal cat ... then DO NOT GET a Siberian

The Hypo-allergenic Cat!

Siberians have become known as the Hypo-allergenic Cat, it should never be said that Siberians will not cause any allergic reaction, it is true that they produce lower levels of the FEL D-1 enzyme that causes the reaction.
Not all Siberians will produce the same low level of FEL D-1 but it has been demonstrated that many people who suffer from allergies can tolerate the Siberian cats.
All in all the Siberian is a wonderful animal, but, be warned, Siberians are addictive!

Neuter males tend to be the 'Softest' of the breed despite the fact that they grow a lot larger.

In Spring and Autumn they require brushing regularly but when kept indoor once a week normally suffices.


In our house the Cat always comes first even before coffee and breakfast.

Please feel free to look around and contact us if you wish.

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